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Client Testimonials


If you are looking to become healthier, McKenna is the person to get you on the road to a healthier life. I am a middle aged woman with multiple health issues (diabetes, hypertension, joint pains) and I have always had weight issues. I was able to maintain an ideal weight from high school until I got married. However, after I got pregnant my weight ballooned and my weight went up for many years. I would try to go to the gym and exercise but sadly, I would either reinjure my ankles/knees or lose the motivation and interest. I became more frustrated with this spiral and in turn, made my diabetes more difficult to manage.  


Last year, I decided to make a step towards tackling my weight and health issues. I signed up with McKenna and has since made a world of difference.  She is a very warm, patient, and understanding person who also pushes you to work harder than you ever thought possible. If I have joint issues with my ankles, knees, shoulder. wrists or elbows she never fails to come up with an exercise plan that will still get my heart beating without bothering my problem spots. Since I have been working with her, I have shocked myself by how much I am able to accomplish, I never thought I would be physically fit enough to do half of what I'm doing now.


McKenna is there to guide and motivate you every step of the way. She is not just a trainer or nutrition coach, she is a caring individual who will stick with you through it all. If you are looking for someone to help you take the first step to becoming physically and emotionally healthier, then I would highly recommend McKenna.  


As someone who always avoided doing any sort of workouts in the past, I'm really grateful to be working out with McKenna! She does an amazing job motivating me to do more, and she's very considerate when adjusting sessions to my needs. She always makes sure that I am pushing myself, but at the same time never overextending myself.


Not only is she a great mentor on how to properly do workouts, but McKenna is also helping me in regards to my diet. I appreciate all the time she puts in to answer any questions I have while providing me with many resources to help me pursue a healthier lifestyle. 

I never thought I would be the kind of person who would like to go workout but now I can say I look forward to it. I'm really glad I made the decision to work with McKenna, she's the best!


In 2016 I was diagnosed with “overuse”, patella femoral pain syndrome and IT band syndrome. Prior to the diagnoses I was a group ex instructor, 5k enthusiast, cycle junkie, and dabbled in sprint triathlons. I didn’t know how to exercise with these injuries. I was frustrated, and I was depressed which led to weight gain, which ruined my self-confidence, which led to excuses as to why I couldn’t workout anymore. I was lost and didn’t recognize the body I was in. As time passed, my strength, range of motion, and flexibility started to decline due to doing nothing. 

In the fall of 2019, I started training 2 days a week with McKenna. I worked alongside her at the YMCA and loved her fitness philosophy. She is a great listener. Her passion and knowledge is encouraging. She is humble and open, making you feel instantly comfortable and immediately trusting her guidance. We started out really slow because I didn’t trust my body anymore and it’s capabilities. With her coaching me through circuits created just for me and my issues, I slowly gained my self-confidence, which allowed me to add more and more. She recognized my imbalances and created circuits to help me improve. I was still training with McKenna when Covid hit. I used most of the workouts she created at home. In just a few months, I am doing workouts that I thought I couldn’t do anymore. I still have a long way to go, but I owe it to McKenna who helped me rebuild my self-confidence and trust my body!


I am a 41 year old firefighter that has been dealing with chronic shoulder and knee injuries. I was an avid runner and lifter, but my injuries forced me to give these up. I had been doing physical therapy for these issues with little to no improvement which made me quite angry, frustrated and depressed about the whole situation.

McKenna offered to create a workout circuit for me to stay active while working around my deficiencies. After spending years lifting weights and doing functional fitness, I was skeptical with the programming at first as I would be using mostly bands and body weight, but I set my ego aside and went to work. I followed her programming, stuck with it, and improved over just a few weeks. As my strength increased and imbalances lessened, I was able to add more to the circuit. Today, I continue to use McKenna’s circuit as a warmup/first half of my workout.

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