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that little voice...

Today, I'm including a note from my journal, one that I often need to remind myself of. It's about that little voice in my head that never leaves, talks too loud, and to my detriment, quickly believe. But it doesn't have to be that way. So I hope that this offers a subtle reminder to you as well, if you ever choose to need it.


That little voice in my head likes to tell me that I am not capable, beautiful, or worthy.

That voice likes to tell me that I am defined by certain qualities that are seemingly unchangeable. That I don't enjoy morning walks, for example. That I can’t go a day without coffee and in fact, must have coffee before anything else. That little voice likes to tell me that I have to answer all my emails before actually starting the important part of work. That everyone is staring at me, wondering why she looks so tired. That I can't and won't, sleep. That I have to lift weights every day and reach a certain number of steps. That I can’t meditate and suck at yoga. That my worth is based on my accomplishments or worse, my appearance. That my hair is falling out and because of that, I am not beautiful. That I am sick, unhealthy, unwell.

Sometimes these voices seem silly, but they add up, and a tiny thousand little voices become a thousand beliefs about myself that often, hurt me. You see, that little voice can be cruel. So damn cruel that it becomes all you hear, all you believe. But that little voice is just that, a voice. A voice that you can kindly listen to, if you want, but one you can also choose not to believe.

What if, instead, I chose to believe that I am the person who goes on a morning walk. That I don’t rely on coffee and can, in fact, go without it. What if I do meditate and rest when I need to. What if I believe I am good at yoga because I consistently practice. What if I believe that I am going to get sleep. That I am healthy. That I am beautiful. That I am well. Because for many reasons, I am. And you are too.

Our beliefs shape our lives. And we have the power to analyze and carefully choose those beliefs. Think about that for a second. Then think a little deeper. How would this impact your life, for good or bad? How would this shape the way you look at the world? How would this shape the way you look at yourself?

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