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1:1 Coaching Options

Our digestive health is one of the leading players in determining our health as a whole. It affects how our hormones function, the state of our mental health, immune system, inflammation levels, physical fitness, & a world beyond!

If digestion is not supported, especially over time, you may start to notice irregular cycles, muscle loss, anxiety, aching joints, hair loss, you name it. This was how I felt, for years.

As both a nutritionist & strength and conditioning coach, I take a holistic approach when working with clients to get to the root of your discomfort. But more importantly, I know what it's like to experience something similar. I get it. And after years of learning what works best for me, I recognize how interconnected yet individualized our bodies are, which is why no two protocols are the same.


I create a customized plan based on your unique goals, lifestyle, experience, schedule, & personal preferences. I look at previous lab work, we talk about your health history, your experience with food, & beyond. It's intensive & it's intentional. Your health is unique to you & you are worthy of being treated that way.


Together, we establish sustainable, lifelong habits that'll leave you feeling healthier, supported, & truly confident in your own skin. 

Areas of specialization:

- Chronic, digestive disorders

- Women's hormonal imbalances

- Amenorrhea, irregular cycles, PCOS, uterine fibroids

- Relationship with food and exercise

- Athletic performance

The Steps

Step 1: Complimentary 20-minute consultation to meet, chat, & see if this is a right fit.

Step 2: Complete the comprehensive intake form *give yourself at least an hour to complete


Step 3: Intensive initial consultation - 1h 30min meet over Zoom to review your intake form & go over your personalized protocol. This will include nutritional & lifestyle suggestions based on your goals & symptoms. Recipes, meal ideas, supplement recommendations if needed.

Optional expense add-on: Personalized movement program in 3-4 week phases. Contact McKenna for more information.

Step 4: Final adjustments made to your protocol then sent directly to you. Follow the protocol for 1 week until we meet again. We'll keep in chat via message during the week.

Step 5: Book your 30-minute follow-ups. The first follow-up is 1-week after the initial consultation. Remaining appointments are Bi-weekly or as needed.

Notes: We check in regularly throughout our time together via text & email so you always feel supported. 

Package Options:
3 months - $275 USD / month

6 months - $220 USD / month (20% savings!)

Monthly payment plans available. Contact McKenna to learn more.


This support is for you if...

You've been told you have IBS, have tried a few things, but nothing seems to work

Are dealing with stubborn digestive issues & need someone else's support

Have a missing period or irregular cycle

Feel like food & exercise are in control of your life

Restrict more than 1 food out of fear you'll have a reaction

Have painful or uncomfortable periods

Struggle with feeling bloated & it's affecting your everyday

Experiencing weight gain but you're unsure as to why

Have frequent migraines

Battle with chronic, mysterious symptoms that no one can figure out 

Feel stuck & easily overwhelmed

Want to have a better relationship with eating & moving your body (in ways you enjoy)


You desperately want to enjoy food again

This 3-month program (at a minimum because lasting changes take time) is tailored to you, for you, to do all of the above. I've had experience with all of these symptoms & get how debilitating they can be, especially when they're faced alone. 


Whether your goals, you'll be given the tools & support to understand what your body is trying to say so we can get to the root of what's holding you back from enhancing your health.

NOTE: Smaller packages are available - If you're looking for quick, tangible guidance, without the 3-month support. After our initial consult, you'll receive a personalized handbook as mentioned above with 1 follow up call. I only recommend this if you have 1-2 small areas of focus and currently work with other coaches / practitioners. Please reach out so we can find a package best for you.

Updated book pic.jpg

Some of the topics we'll cover:

This is specific to each person, but some have included & are not limited to...​

  • Improving digestion

  • Reducing inflammation 

  • Hormonal support

  • Blood sugar management

  • Positive lifestyle changes

  • Relationship with food + exercise

  • Finding the foods best for your body

You'll receive:

  • A personalized handbook: A very in-depth protocol outlining nutritional action steps, herbal recommendations (as needed), lifestyle changes, movement practices, & much more

  • Personalized weekly recipes, meal prep tools, meal plan ideas, printable shopping lists, & daily action steps

  • Nutritional education

  • Supplement suggestions & discounts

  • Sustainable, lifelong habits

  • Bi-weekly 30-minute - 1-hour zoom calls

  • Continuous support via text/email

Have questions? I would too. So let's chat.

Write to me at or click the link below!

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